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Report on Exeter ComicCon 2018

Well, I’ve just come back from the first Devon ComicCon at Exeter University sports campus. I must admit the sports facilities at Exeter University were extremely impressive, all sorts of sci-fiesque heavy black machines lined the windows. You could not tell if the athletes were separate entities or just part of the machine, a cyber-athlete fusion, in perhaps an echo of future sport?

The ComicCon was run by Lisa from Moose Events which are always a pleasure to go to- you know it’s going to be well organised, with plenty of space between exhibits so we won’t all die if there is a sudden audience stampede. I had two helpers on my Torcian table – my daughters Sapphire and Jasmine, their support was wonderful. Sapphire actually drew the map of Torcia for me, which as usual had many admirers and several photographs!

There was a table top gaming zone and computer gaming zone which looked fascinating but as I was there to share the world of Torcia, I could not go off and play, which was rather sad. However, I did get squirted by a velociraptor which was quite a unique experience… There was one lone Storm trooper on patrol throughout the entire event but luckily for him/her no resistance fighters or they would have been in trouble. Interestingly enough there was no dinosaur-Empire fighting either.

The costumes from the cosplayers were magical. There were no Boxtrolls but a group of people who had invented their own world of furry creatures in a rainbow of colours. I always support creativity and individuality, so I was delighted to see such furry self-expression. Captain Jack Sparrow was also tottering around sans bottle, apparently all the rum had gone, which was a great shame. 

Some of the costumes were very impressive. There were two estate black shirted security guards complete with body vest and personal incident recorder cameras on their vests, who patrolled the building and car park. They had most realistic costumes of the day, but I couldn’t place their series at all, which was weird as I know my sci-fi. I thought it might be an indie horror. Obviously, I had to find out this unknown series. So, I caught them up and had a chat to them and found out they were actually university security guards sporting some pretty cool uniforms. They were lovely people and I left them taking pictures of the prop police cars. Exit stage left.

I had some almost old friends visit my fantasy table which was great. Old faces from some of the ComicCons I have attended throughout the year. It’s always lovely to catch with people like the impressive nuclear psychist Viking, the pizza delivering blue squirrel, the Welsh photography family, and many wonderful fantasy fiction fans.

I also had the great honour of Daniel Eghan, the Star Wars actor, giving me a limited edition signed poster which now has proud of place on my writing inspiration wall, as I do admit to having a slight lifetime Star Wars obsession…

To find out more about Torcia visit -

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Going Global!

Well maybe not quite as much as that but it was a pacy, racy meet up as the usual suspects gathered at the Costa loads in the heart of Tiverton city centre otherwise known and often referred to as the Metropolis of Mid Devon!
And it was only a matter of minutes before breaking news that a number of stalwarts were set to quit the EAA in the UK in order to seek new fame and fortune in pastures new..and a mere moment or two later the legend that is Kiwi Kriss was born set fair to travel the high seas, across mountains of range in search of Sauvignon City ...
This was swiftly followed by an emphatic denial of the news that the stunningly brilliant author Jenny "JK" Marion Hood was also set to quit as the toxic clouds of the post Brexit era gathered, barely concealing her sheer delight that she was leaving the meeting early as she was starting a new 2 hours a day job which would attract a handsome salary....well at least the minimum wage! It was a breath of fresh air(the job not the salary doughnuts!) and the delighted author was quoted globally  saying "I'm gonna get paid !!!"
In the meantime, Pam "The Guv" Reed sat in the chair, conducting proceedings with great aplomb reporting back with detailed analysis from EAA activities across the region and numerous events coming up through the summer months with appearances at concerts and festivals that would be working well within the boundaries of "Elf & Safety"!
But the best was saved to the last as the EAA's star of stage and screen Tracey The Norman, a lady made of Steel (see the picture!) taught us how to  'Speek Proppa,' and present ourselves in some style by breathing deeply, chucking furniture out and not smoking a pipe!!! As  part of the professional development sessions TNs accuracy in pinpointing what we ALL don't do, was frighteningly accurate and a lesson learnt for sure..talking of furniture The Braund and her pals from Ottery Writers also
moved furniture and bombarded a packed audience with Devon or Cornish (depending on where you put the jam and the cream!) Cream teas, lemon drizzle cake and various from the team which included Jenny, Mary, Viv & Eleanor....Well done guys!
That's all folks! Richard L.

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The Devon Writers - Or Just How Many Writers Can Fit on a Table For Two?

The Devon Writers met in the new and improved Costa. There is a lot more space in our local Costa and a wonderful dark purple decor casting a shadow over the recesses of the back of the cafe. An ideal covert meeting place for the writers of murder mystery, erotica, horror, thriller and angst-ridden poets.

Soon plots were a foot and summer storylines set. 

Many Devon authors and poets are coming out this summer and attending the big festivals of the region, TivLit, and CredFest17. They will be giving talks, running workshops and doing readings, something which is highly recommended as it is always interesting to know, how wicked ideas are created, written and published. 

In attendance were Richard Dee, who brought his hat but no soda bread, Denise Cross, Angela Woolridge, Jenny Kane, Lucy Hay, Brian Willis, Trina J. Stacey, Michelle Werrett, and myself.

The year is a very busy publishing time for the Devon Writers with 3 attending authors publishing amazing newly inked works ranging from ultra modern sci-fi to the ancient Japanese art of senryu poetry. 

The Books

Sci-fi and Steampunk author, Richard Dee, has just published 'Myra', which tells the story of how Finn Douglas, Naval Officer; became Dave Travise, Galactic Trader. And what happened before Freefall.

  "I turned, and even though I didn't immediately realise it, it was then that I fell in love."

Meet Dave Travise, at least that's who his identity chip says he is. An ex-Navy man on the run; somehow he's ended up in a dead man's shoes; on a new ship and on the wrong side of the law. With no way to prove his innocence, he's just got to play along and keep his head down if he's going to survive. As if he doesn't have enough problems, now he's fallen for Myra, the engineer on his new home.
Pursued by criminal gangs and keeping one jump ahead of everyone, Dave and his new shipmates are going to need all the luck in the Galaxy just to stay alive.

Jenny Kane's latest novel  'Abi's Neighbour'  the long awaited sequel to 'Abi's House' will be published on 4th May 2017. 

In 'Abi's Neighbour', Abi Carter has finally found happiness in beautiful Cornwall, with her old tin miner’s cottage proving the perfect home. But all that’s about to change when a new neighbour moves in next door… Cassandra Henley-Pinkerton represents everything Abi thought she’d escaped when she left London. She’s obnoxious, stuck-up, and hates living in Cornwall. Worst of all, she seems to have designs on Abi’s boyfriend Max…
But Cassandra has her own problems. Her wealthy lawyer lover has promised to leave his wife and join her in their Cornish love nest – but something always comes up. Now, not only is Cassandra stuck on her own, miles away from her city lifestyle, but someone seems intent on sabotaging her successful business. Will she mellow enough to turn to Abi for help – or are the two just destined not to get along?

P.J. Reed's senryu poetry collection, 'Flicker' is due out in April 2017.

'Flicker' is a collection of senryu poems providing flickers or moments in the curious lives of the people she has met on her travels throughout Devon.

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Devon Writers News

The Devon Writers group met in the homely surroundings of the Oak Room, Tiverton. The Oak Room was very welcoming with groups of comfortable settees and tea and coffee delivered to caffeine deprived writers in style. Writers group meetings are always fascinating and this group showed the depth and diversity of writing talent in  Devon. The topics ranged from the writing of successful film scripts to the various sub-genres of erotica!

The next meeting of the Devon Writers is on 11th November 2016 at 10.30-12.00 in the Oak Room.

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