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A Report on a Most Unusual Meeting by Richard Lappas

We were running a bit late after February's monthly gathering of the motley crew (speak for yourself they all cried!)..another well-attended meeting with all the usual suspects and some unusual ones too!

One of which stayed calm throughout, listening carefully even "paws ing for thought" now and again…meantime, thru the chair, Pam Guv revealed an action-packed bulletin of events coming up including Exeter, Exmouth and many more plus a report back on the Dev Con event ( In the Pink, Krissy E was now unbearable and will only speak to members if they've been in Eastenders (chuckle!)

Welcome Nasty Nick where are yer subs mate no lanyard or badge till you cough up!!) We also welcomed Susie 10, star of radio and writer of loads of books …. many members are looking forward to being interviewed for the Talking Books programme….

At this point, a great gathering was rudely interrupted by some old jobbing hack who drones on and on about his luck and judgement…but he did manage to hold the crowd's attention for about…40 seconds haha! Oh yes I remember now it was me mmmmm

I'm just pleased everyone said nice things about the workshop thank you ..the fivers are in the post!!! A lively gathering that rolled downstairs into the Costa coffee lounge for more chatter and more ideas for books…. I always try and encourage these lovely people never to allow the facts to spoil a good story! Ok, das it for now and until we meet again Much love from freezing sunny London where I've been celebrating me Mums 89th birthday….

Back to Devon tomoz and will be on Pi and People duty tomorrow night talking to the good folk led by the lovely Nicky Dunne:)))

Work hard, play hard and stay warm! 

Richard Lappas

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