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Buns at Bampton - Coming Soon!

Where there's coffee & cake stall, there's an Exeter author ..and quite right too as the Exeter Authors prepared for a return visit to the amazing Bampton Charter Fair. This time four of our members are going and will be holding a series of free talks.
This month had a huge agenda with contributions all round from Lucy V, Brian, The Doc, Susie W, Johnny  Terrorist , Tracey Transponder, poetic Jeni, The Guv, Tracy Ann
 and not forgetting a guest appearance by the Bean! The only miss was Jenny  who was off in "Retreat" somewhere on the Moor of EX!!
There is lots going on, gigs to attend, Festivals to celebrate and half of 2019 seems already booked as more and more pieces of work are completed in anticipation of entertaining the general public.
Lots of new books are coming out and huge congratulations go to Maura Beckett, as her book  is set to roll but even better was inspired by today's gathering and plotted the sequel to her first book on the way home! Well done to Maura!
So good luck to everyone supporting events over the next 4 weeks, look out for flying buns and books in the Bampton area. To help with Christmas presents, authors are reminded to bring a couple of books to the next scrum down which will be on Friday the 9th of November same time, same place!  There are lots of events on the agenda to
PS Every member has to bring their own fire for Richie to keep warm if we do a gig in anywhere dark and dingy as that quickly "dampens" the spirits!
Enough of my silly writing, fab to see everyone today huge misses for Maid Marion & Kiwi Kriss!
Much love and great to see y'all from Tivvy Towers!
richard lappas

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