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Exmouth with Roses by Jenny Kane

Last night I was lucky enough to be speaking to the good folk of Exmouth Library as part of the Exeter Author Association’s ongoing series of author talks.

With St. Valentine’s Day just hours behind us, it seemed fitting to address the thorny issue of ‘What makes a book a romance?’

Romance often has a bad press within writer world. It is frequently seen as the poor relation, with the myth that it is the ‘easy option’ flourishing- without anyone seeming to notice that 95% of all fiction (whether it is a romance or not) contains some level of romantic relationship- it is often difficult for our work to be taken seriously.

With that in mind I chatted about attitudes to romance, what we expect from a romance, and how something as tiny a button can trigger the plot line for an entire novel. I shall never forgot the light in one lady’s eyes as she explained why she liked Rhett Butler so much, or the enthusiasm of the two brand new romance writers who had come along to pick up a tip or two.

I’d like to thank the lovely Beatrice for making me feel so welcome, and the Friends of Exmouth Library for providing refreshments- and for presenting me with some beautiful red roses.

I hope everyone who purchased a book enjoys my words. I was overwhelmed by the number of sales.

It was a wonderful evening- and there are many more brilliant EAA talks to come.

Jenny x


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