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Notes on the June EAA Meeting by Richard Lappas

A light-hearted look at life on Costa Del Gold in the heart of Devon where the EAAonnistas hang out on the second Friday of every month to discuss all the aspects of modern day book writing, flogging, illustrating, plotting, printing, rewriting, editing and finally publishing! But then, of course, comes the hard bit...Selling the books that have been painstakingly prepared with every step of the way celebrated like you've won the lottery!
Somebody sold 2 books last week, see the smile, relief, the hope, and authors working hard to plot, prepare and see an idea come to life!
Despite the trials and tribulations though, there is a fantastic spirit flowing through the slightly warm, humid, sticky conference room - where even the fan couldn't cool the temperature. The energy and enthusiasm gives off a great buzz as the Exeter Authors Association ain't just gathering strength and growing in numbers, it's hectic busy coz we are booked out for the rest of 2018 and already looking at gigs for 2019! Members have been  invited to literary festivals across Devon including Exmouth, Crediton & Sidmouth plus numerous others all sorts of talks on sofas or any old chair
 you can find on the day!
Anyway, down to proceedings for the monthly gather of writers, a Literary Harvest if you like talking and sharing about who is going where, who is picking up books and who's table they will be on, the buzzword is always genre and I hope one day to find my genre! So I can keep up with what's going on!
We got fantasy, steam punkernista, kids books, a vicar who writes amazing books about terrorism (He looks like one in disguise and I've often thought he could be wearing a dodgy vest oops!) and not forgetting our very own JK (several surnames!) who writes kids, beach reads in Cornwall and tales of dashing heroics, robbin' the rich (not me no point I'm skint chuckle) feedin' the poor in the guise of Robin Hood..all of which add up to a fabulous array of talent that will continue to furbish the retail book shops of England....AND New Zealand, cos now we got Kiwi Krissy Eden running our down under and a bit more branch and I reckon sipping Sauvignon is a lot easier than chomping cardboard coffee cups, even if it's cheaper then going New Zealand every 2nd Friday in the month!
So, the highlights of the gathering were very much picture led as the group posed for 'Hiya Kiwi Kriss' followed by the Costa mob wanting a group picture for their
newsletter before yours truly could get on with the real stuff sorting the girl in green, the bird wiv da funny ears, the Guv in stunning maroon and velvety 
(only it was cotton ha!) and finally Rich "The Doc" ette wiv is tinted goggles, and whistle blowin top hat!
All in all, an interesting day and watch out for my next post on here and Facebook which will reveal the latest pictures of the EAAonistas!
Have a good day folks
Losaluv Richie,  LX

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