Writing Groups in Devon


Authors in a Cafe

Six authors and a sartorially elegant teddy bear met in Latte and Lunch café on Bideford Quay to chat about our writing, our marketing, our progress and in some cases, the distinct lack of the same. Let us just say that Rupert the Bear may have been more productive than at least one of us over recent weeks.

An occupational hazard of such meetings is the dangerously tempting array of cakes. Some members of our group found it impossible to resist the allure of pastries and muffins.  We did suggest that the proprietors might take pity on us and serve less appealing fare but strangely, this did not strike them as a sound business plan! If we carry on like this we may need to relocate to a gym to work off the extra pounds.

The discussion ranged from radio promotions, in-residence opportunities, multi-media book launches, the pros and cons of deadlines, to the use of software to aid the writing process. We can even pass off all this enjoyable socializing as ‘work’! Does this make the cake tax deductible?

We will gather again after the holiday season. Writers and aspiring writers are welcome to join us on 11 January at 10.30am for book chat and mutual encouragement by Jane Few

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Thanks for letting me join in! It was great to meet up and swap experiences. I learned a lot from the group (including how good the cake is at the cafe).