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A Celebration of Irish Poets

As usual, it was a very welcoming and warm (referring to the people rather than the venue!) gathering of Tiverton Poets for the February meeting. This group has the magnetism to attract a lovely collection of individuals each month who are willing to share their own works and those of their favourite poets, and have a mutual thirst for learning more.
We delighted in sharing our chosen poems by Great Irish poets of which there are many! The diverse tastes of those present meant that we experienced masterpieces ranging from Yeats to Spike Milligan and many more between including Seamus Reaney, Oscar Wilde and Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin (a very Gaelic name I am relieved not to have to try to pronounce). 
A process that proved quite reflective for the group, the topic of new beginnings for our own poems prompted thoughts and accompanying verse about letting go of the past and how we feel about starting afresh. Perhaps the most powerful symbol of re-birth the mystical Phoenix made an appearance as did contemplating whether a new beginning can occur from a terminal building...indeed why not?
After dismissing some more 'alternative' ideas for the next meeting (to the quiet disappointment of some!) we settled on the following:
Tuesday 7th March at 8 pm at CreaTiv Hub
Write 2 poems, 1 rhyming and 1 not rhyming on a choice of 3 themes - Time/Animal/Street 
And share a poem(s) on the chosen theme from a well-known poet.
Hope to see you there!
by Trina J. Stacey

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