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Storytime at the British Legion

April 6th proved to be a lively evening for the Twyford Writers.

Writing had been inspired by the general prompt, ‘Weddings’. We were treated to a variety of stories connected to the theme in different ways.

Initially, we heard a comical story about a young boy in 1952. He had the honour of being chosen to be a Page Boy. Unfortunately for him, the wedding dress theme was Scottish clothes. As a five-year-old, the boy was worried about what he would wear under his kilt - luckily, his mother laid out his clothes with a nice, clean pair of underpants!

We then heard about Wayne, a professional footballer about to marry his sweetheart, Kylie. Her relations were making Wayne slightly nervous and reluctant about the day. He was hungover and had overslept after Kylie’s brothers had insisted on an impromptu stag night, from which he had woken handcuffed to his future brother-in-law. All ended up well as they all had one thing in common – they adored Kylie.

The next offering was inspired loosely by. ‘Soaking up the atmosphere’. It was a ghost story about a lady entering a church, sitting down and falling asleep. As she awoke, she heard whispers, music, and people being asked, “Bride or Groom?”. She wasn’t sure if she should be there but no-one noticed her. She saw a wedding but later wondered if it had really happened at all. When she left the Church, she asked about the couple. However, it hadn’t been a wedding that day but the funeral of an old lady.

The final three pieces deviated from the prompt. We heard the first part of a self-help book. It will be looking into how we feel and respond to different stimuli. Considering the chameleon nature of people and the different sides we show to both others and ourselves.


We listened to the next extract of a serial killer book about a fictional town in America called Thorny Ridge. It was the last stop on a murder tour and home of ‘The Butcher’. Tourists flocked to gawp at the town and visit places of real life horror. All the time, unaware they were being watched by the man himself. He didn’t mind his nickname but he would have preferred, “Connoisseur of Death”.


Finally, we heard the next installment of a mystery set in a fictional town in North Devon. Murder is about to take place but the inhabitants do not yet realize. They are going about their day-to-day lives, however; their peace is about to be shattered.


Twyford Writers meet on the first Thursday of the month at the British Legion in Tiverton. We are friendly group of varied individuals and all writers are welcome.

Many members of the group will be attending 'A Celebration of Books,' reading and leading workshops as part of Credfest17 on Saturday, June 17th at Crediton Library, Devon. This is a free event, open to everyone!

Free cupcakes will be provided!

See Link for details - 'A Celebration of Books'

By Maura Beckett

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