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Writing from Twyford Writers

Going to a  writers meeting is like dipping your hand in a tin of Quality Street. You never know what's coming but there is always the unfailing hope that you might hit strawberry centred gooey heaven. This week there were some rather curious flavours in our tin of Quality Street.

Twyford Writers has evolved from being just a short story writing group to an expansive, all-inclusive writing group and some Bourneville dark chocolates have come in adding a sprinkling of Black Magic to the tin. 

This gives some extremely random but much more exciting writing experiences with a selection of humorous Pam Ayers type poetry about the effects of poor eyesight closing followed by the macabre incidence of a woman collecting male genitalia in her cheating husband's bottle collection. Hopefully, you don't find those in your tin of Quality Street.

It makes you wonder about a Nut Cluster though...

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