Exeter Authors Association Associate Members

Our Associate membership is for aspiring writers and poets from all over the west country.

They perform readings, attend poetry and writers groups, and many have been published in anthologies. 

Maura Beckett (Tracy Cullerne)

Maura Beckett is the pen name of Tracy Cullerne. She is a member of Twyford Writers of Tiverton.
She placed third in the Tiverton literary festival short story competition  in 2015. 

Presently, Tracy is writing her first novel, a mystery novel based in Devon.

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Heather Carlyle

Heather is a member of Twyford Writers and The Tiverton Poetry Society.

She is a lover of poetry and has written many plays, poems and stories in the past. She hopes to begin writing soon.

Brian Willis

Brian is a member of Twyford Writers and the Tiverton Poetry Group. He writes, "I like writing Gothic stories and poems."  
His writing and reading is greatly influenced by the work of H. P. Lovecraft.

Michelle Werrett

Michelle Werrett  writes about farming, wildlife, conservation and the countryside.

Michelle has had articles published in the South West Farmer, Devon Life and the Exmoor Magazine.
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