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Well maybe not quite as much as that but it was a pacy, racy meet up as the usual suspects gathered at the Costa loads in the heart of Tiverton city centre otherwise known and often referred to as the Metropolis of Mid Devon!
And it was only a matter of minutes before breaking news that a number of stalwarts were set to quit the EAA in the UK in order to seek new fame and fortune in pastures new..and a mere moment or two later the legend that is Kiwi Kriss was born set fair to travel the high seas, across mountains of range in search of Sauvignon City ...
This was swiftly followed by an emphatic denial of the news that the stunningly brilliant author Jenny "JK" Marion Hood was also set to quit as the toxic clouds of the post Brexit era gathered, barely concealing her sheer delight that she was leaving the meeting early as she was starting a new 2 hours a day job which would attract a handsome salary....well at least the minimum wage! It was a breath of fresh air(the job not the salary doughnuts!) and the delighted author was quoted globally  saying "I'm gonna get paid !!!"
In the meantime, Pam "The Guv" Reed sat in the chair, conducting proceedings with great aplomb reporting back with detailed analysis from EAA activities across the region and numerous events coming up through the summer months with appearances at concerts and festivals that would be working well within the boundaries of "Elf & Safety"!
But the best was saved to the last as the EAA's star of stage and screen Tracey The Norman, a lady made of Steel (see the picture!) taught us how to  'Speek Proppa,' and present ourselves in some style by breathing deeply, chucking furniture out and not smoking a pipe!!! As  part of the professional development sessions TNs accuracy in pinpointing what we ALL don't do, was frighteningly accurate and a lesson learnt for sure..talking of furniture The Braund and her pals from Ottery Writers also
moved furniture and bombarded a packed audience with Devon or Cornish (depending on where you put the jam and the cream!) Cream teas, lemon drizzle cake and various from the team which included Jenny, Mary, Viv & Eleanor....Well done guys!
That's all folks! Richard L.

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