Loreley Amiti

List of Publications

Die Spuren der Fremden (1st part of German time travel trilogy) 

Matroschkas (2nd part of German time travel trilogy)

Explosive Begegnung (3rd part of German time travel trilogy, out in March 2018) 

The Solstice Fairy (picture book) 

The Moon Lantern (picture book) 

Halloween Holler (picture book)

Die Spuren der Fremden (Book 1)

Helena is unintentionally spun through time. Only the always optimistic Felix gives her stop in all the chaos. When Helena saves an unknown woman during a time trip, Felix suddenly disappears without a trace. A feverish search for the connections begins and nothing is more as it seems. 

Who is a friend and who is an enemy?

About Loreley Amiti

The multilingual author worked for a publishing house and the press before focusing on her own books. She writes historical and literary fiction, YA and picture books, which have been translated into Italian, German, and Spanish. Her bestselling books reached number one in Italy and the top 10 on the German speaking market. 

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Matroschkas (Book 2)

After the fall of the Berlin Wall Werner is looking for his former patient Helena. But this has changed its past during a time journey and does not remember him. Helen lives with her mother, Hannelore, in East Berlin and leads a completely different life. Suddenly, however, a mysterious time traveler emerges, claiming that Hannelore must die to redirect fate back into the right direction. A tempestuous race against time begins, which always raises the same question: Whom can they trust?

The second volume of the trilogy "Die Unvergessenen" is an exciting journey full of surprises through a vibrant Europe of the years 1956 - 1990. Breath-taking, humorous and outstandingly researched. 

For readers who have liked books such as "The Woman of the Time Traveling" and "The Other Way". 

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Eeplosive Begegnung (Book 3)


Coming Soon!

The Moon Lantern

“New things can be magical,” claims Mummy.
But Layla and her notoriously grumpy cat aren’t so sure about that. So far, this first night in the new house has been awful and Layla’s present, an ugly old lantern, doesn’t cheer them up at all. When they discover its magic though, everything changes and maybe Mummy was right, after all…
A funny picture book about moving house and the beauty of change.

The Solstice Fairy

It's December and everyone is rushing about. Tim is feeling lonely, but then he's discovers something magical: He can see fairies! When he saves the life of a special fairy, the dark season suddenly turns into the brightest, most magical time of his life.​​​
A beautifully illustrated picture book about being unique and caring for others. 
Book available in -  English ***  Español  ***  Italian  *** German

Halloween Holler

Luke is the brave leader of all the cats in the North of Exeter. Well, or so he claims. On the night of Halloween, he plans to overthrow the feared dogs of The Unspeakable South by summoning a mighty cat army. But Fergus, a dog on the other side of the river, has the same plan and suddenly, things go quite wrong.
A funny picture book about overcoming fear and making new friends.
Available in English *** German ***  and Italian.