About Mark Colenutt

Born in Plymouth, Devon I was educated at Blundell's School and then at St. Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, London, which was once Horace Walpole's beautiful residence. Upon completing my degree I took off to Malaysia and New Zealand with two friends before returning one last time to the UK capital before I boarded the plane that would eventually carry me to my adopted homeland of Spain. 

After a year and a half in the Spanish capital I decided it was time to leave and seek colour and adventure in the Andalusian south. I settled in Seville, which had been a place that had fascinated me from a very young age and I was not disappointed. Eleven years later and it was time to move on again, this time returning to the north but still within Spain. 

By this time I had now completed two books and was engaged in a third, imagining a fourth and wishfully thinking a fifth. 

At present I live and work in Girona, which is a very pleasant, laidback, green part of the country and is idyllically sandwiched between the Pyrenees, France, Barcelona and the Mediterranean. 

Not surprisingly, I have produced a collection of books on Spain over the years in 'The Hispanophile Series', from literary criticism in the form of my 'Handbook to the Legacy & Odyssey of Don QuiXote', to a city guide in 'Old Seville' and even a book of photography and the first in the novel form of a paperback, hence the format: 'photoback', and entitled 'A Vision of Seville'. 

I have also written two history titles about the British Raj and recently published a novel: 'The Last Treasure of Ancient England' to coincide with the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

About M.J. Colewood

      Jacqueline Wood met Mark Colenutt while they were both teaching in Spain. They spent a lot of time talking about books and writing and eventually the  writing partnership, M.J. Colewood, was born. 

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About Jacqueline Wood

I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was like Roald Dahl’s Matilda, going to and from the public library with piles of books (minus the trolley). I must have devoured the whole children’s section. I wrote my first book ‘Marie’s Pony’ at the age of nine, painstakingly drafting and redrafting into exercise books until it was perfect enough to submit to my wonderful headmaster, the aptly named Mr. Hemingway. He even wrote a very kind critique for me. 

I have written ever since, but ‘The Last Treasure of Ancient England’ is my first published novel which I have co-authored with Mark Colenutt. 

I was born and raised in Suffolk but spent some of my childhood in Spain and the Midlands. At the age of 18, I left Suffolk for Durham University where I studied for a BA Honours Degree in English Language and Literature. After graduating, I moved to Preston and did a PGCE at Edge Hill College. I taught in Lancashire for a year before returning to Suffolk to teach in a small village school. In 2001 my husband and I decided to up sticks and spend a year in Spain with our two young children. I got a job teaching at a bilingual school in Girona. Fifteen years later we are still in Spain. 

The Last Treasure of Ancient England by M.J. Colewood

 It is 1066 and in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings the lifeless corpse of King Harold has been looted. The disappearance of a particular item enrages Duke William, and only one of his knights knows its whereabouts. In his remaining years this knight has to make a decision: will he ever share his secret, or take the greatest enigma in English history to the grave?

Centuries later, when Chester Bentley arrives at his new Devonshire boarding school, he is unprepared for the mystery it conceals. The discovery of an age-old riddle lures him and his new friends into a quest to uncover the secrets safeguarded by the stately manor house. Hidden somewhere in the county is an extraordinary treasure and the school holds the puzzling key to its surprising location. But something is lurking in the dark, shadowing them each time they venture out from their dormitory at night, and a ghostly legend puts fear into the bravest of pupils. In their last year at the remote school time is running out; so can they succeed where others have failed, and even died, in a chilling hunt to reveal the last treasure of ancient England?  

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