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The Bampton Charter Fair Experience

October 30, 2017

Last weekend the Exeter Authors Association were in action at the Bampton Charter Fair. This was the first time authors have been invited there for over 500 years so we have a lot of history to make up for. We shared a hall with the lovely people from the LARCS and it made for a chaotic, busy day.

The children's authors and entertainment section proved very popular with our special guest Ollie in a toga bringing ancient history to life. K.Y. Eden gave a fascinating insight into the writing of the Redcroft Journals trilogy and into the crazy life of a fantasy author.

Jenny Kane as always delighted her fans and sold out of most of her books. Fortunately, they are still available online. The Circle of Spears drama company gave a thrilling installment of their play WITCH... which completely stopped the tea chatter. John Hall gave a fascinating talk about researching and writing his terrorism based novels and a possible research trip to Oman. Richard Dee read one of his scary short stories and Richard the second or Richard Lappas to his fans regaled everyone with tales of Princess Diana and the Queen. 

P.J. Reed came in her performance poetry guise for this event, leaving her high fantasy and horror writing for more sinister times, and read her new poem regarding 'Colin the nearly new neighbour'.  Brian Willis, another performance poet from Tiverton entertained with his new selection of Gothic poetry.  Jeni Braund sold many copies of her Heartland poetry book in aid of the Anthony Nolan charity. All in all in was a fun-filled. action-packed day! 

If you missed seeing the Exeter authors they will be on display at the CreaTiv Hub, Fore Street, Tiverton, Devon from  Tuesday 28th November to Saturday 2 December with free goodies, cookies, a free draw and an amazing selection of books!

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The Tiverton Poetry Society (October 2016)

October 6, 2016

This October, The Tiverton Poetry Society met in the inspirational surroundings of CreaTiv, Tiverton. It was a very good turn out with an exciting mix of poets and writing styles ranging from romantics to haiku to horror poets.  

The first part of the evening involved a discussion on Poet Laureates, their history, and examples of their poetry. One of the stand evening poems was by the American Poet Laureate, Billy Collins and his emotional poem entitled,  I Chop Some Parsley While Listening To Art Blakey's Version Of "Three Blind Mice."

The second part of the evening was a chance for Tiverton's poets to read their own work regarding the theme of ''webs" which turned out to be a deadly mix of poems regarding black widow spiders, the evils of the world wide web and the effects of drugs on spiders web making abilities. 

The theme for the next meeting will be writing poems that include some of the following words: Bananas, Jelly, Murder, Despotic, Big, Book, Reflection, Limbo, Go, Now, Work, Money, Ball, Water, Winter, Thought, Gold, and Sapphire.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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