Tracey Norman

Sammy's Saturday Job by Tracey Norman

Sammy is a little dragon who wants to be a firefighter. The fire crew let her help one day, but when it doesn't go as planned, Sammy must find another way to put things right.

Children's book written and illustrated by the author, aimed at young readers (age approximately 4-6, depending on ability) and designed to teach children about thinking creatively, helping others and persevering.

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About Tracey Norman

I am a professional actress and voice artist who has always been a storyteller, whether on stage, in front of a keyboard or behind part of my extensive collection of notebooks and pens. Living not far from Dartmoor, I have a wealth of subject matter on my doorstep. My first short story (written under the pen name Anna Norman and published in the Lovecraft-inspired Secret Invasion, a charity anthology in aid of MIND, in 2015), is based on the landscape and artefacts in and around Dartmoor's Fernworthy Reservoir, one of my favourite places. 

In 2016, I accidentally became a playwright, having decided to do something meaningful with the Honours degree in History I achieved from The Open University in 2015. The result was a one-act play, WITCH, which examines the human story behind accusations of witchcraft, focusing on the social conditions and interactions which led to such accusations. It was based on depositions from the 1687 trial of a Lyme Regis housewife. The play, in which I perform alongside my colleagues from our company Circle of Spears Productions, enjoyed a very successful debut season in the library at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle (where better to perform a play about witch trials?!) and since then, has gone on to enjoy further success in a number of venues across Devon, with a lengthy list of dates already booked in for 2017. 

I have  been lucky enough to secure a contract with Troy Books in Cornwall for a book based on the research I originally undertook to write WITCH - it will look at the various issues raised in the play, expand on them and examine how theatre may be used to preserve our social history whilst simultaneously making it more accessible. 

I have also recently published my first children's book. Written for my daughter seven years ago, when she was three, Sammy's Saturday Job has finally been released as a Kindle ebook.  It follows the tale of a little dragon who wants to be a firefighter. She gets a chance to help them, but it doesn't go well and she needs to work out how to put things right. It encourages children to persevere and to think creatively about helping others. It also promotes inclusiveness by showing that being different doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do what everyone else does.
Publishing this particular story means a great deal to me because the three year-old I wrote it for is now a ten year-old who sat down with me and helped me to work out what illustrations I should draw for it and where they should go.  I can't think of a better editing assistant."

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Witch by Tracey Norman

Based on extensive research into witch trial records, WITCH is a one-act play following the experience of a destitute woman, Margery Scrope, who has been accused of witchcraft by her neighbour, Thomas Latimer.  She and her accuser have been brought before Sir William Tyrell, the local magistrate, who must examine the evidence and determine whether she should be sent for trial.

Does Margery have ill-intent towards the Latimer family, or does Latimer have a darker agenda behind his accusation? As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more to connect the characters than meets the eye and demonstrates the wide-reaching and potentially devastating effects of social change. 

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The Feedback for WITCH