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Blood-Tied (an Esme Quentin Mystery Book 1) by Wendy Percival. A thriller based on murder and family secrets.

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The Indelible Stain (an Esme Quentin Mystery) by Wendy Percival. The second book in the Esme historical thriller book series.

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Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival


A thriller based on murder and family secrets.

"A desperate crime, kept secret for 60 years… but time has a way of exposing the truth…"

Esme Quentin is devastated when her sister Elizabeth is beaten unconscious, miles from her home. Two days later Esme discovers that Elizabeth has a secret past. Desperate for answers which the comatose Elizabeth cannot give, Esme enlists the help of her friend Lucy to search for the truth, unaware of the dangerous path she is treading. Together they unravel a tangle of bitterness, blackmail and dubious inheritance, and as the harrowing story is finally revealed, Esme stumbles upon evidence of a pitiful crime.

Realising too late the menace she has unwittingly unleashed, Esme is caught up in a terrifying ordeal. One that will not only test her courage and sanity but force her to confront her perception of birth and family.

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About Wendy Percival

      After 20 years as a primary school teacher writing lesson plans and education reports, I bought a copy of Writing Magazine on a whim and swapped to writing fiction. By the time I won first prize in the magazine’s Summer Ghost Story competition in 2002, I was hooked. 

     The discovery of a ‘box of old documents in the attic’ (yes, really!) was the impetus I needed to get started on something I’d always wanted to do – research my family history. I’m curious to find out everything I can about my ancestors’ lives. I’ve uncovered some fascinating stories – and some shocking ones too! I write about my findings on my blog, Family History Secrets and have written articles for the Shropshire Family History Society’s journal, as well as Family Tree Magazine. 

     It was as I was making my initial discoveries into my Shropshire roots that I began writing my first novel so it seemed natural that genealogy would feature in the story. The result was BLOOD-TIED, the story of historical researcher, Esme Quentin, who discovers that her sister has a secret past, an idea inspired by recognising how little we really know about our family history. 

    Esme was received with great enthusiasm and readers demanded to know when they’d meet her again. So I wrote another Esme Quentin story – THE INDELIBLE STAIN – which became the second in the series. Set on the North Devon coast, it begins with Esme’s discovery of a fatally injured woman at the base of a cliff. The woman’s dying words lead Esme into the dark and brutal world of 19th century convict transportation in her search for the truth behind the woman’s untimely death. 

     The third Esme Quentin mystery – due to be published in 2017 – surrounds the wartime loss of a young nurse and the clandestine organisations of World War II. 

      I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful and peaceful part of Devon, amongst a cluster of thatched cottages, beside a 13th century church – a home I share with my husband and a very talkative cat. 

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The Indelible Stain by Wendy Percival

Secrets from a tainted past…

Esme Quentin’s arrival in north Devon is marred by the gruesome discovery of a fatally injured woman at the foot of Warren Cliff. Esme is troubled by the woman’s final words and curious about the old photograph clutched in her hand. The police, however, dismiss Bella Shaw’s death as accidental.

But Bella’s daughter, Neave, has her own questions and approaches Esme for help. The subsequent trail leads Esme back to the brutal penal history of 19th century England and the mystery of a Devon convict girl transported to Australia for her crime.

As evidence of betrayal and duplicity are revealed, Esme discovers Bella’s link to events in the past – a link which now endangers Neave and, by association, Esme.

A legacy of hatred which has festered for generations in the 'land beyond the seas' now threatens to spill over on to Devon soil with devastating consequences.

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The Malice of Angels by Wendy Percival


Esme Quentin is reminded of a painful past when Max Rainsford, a journalist colleague of her late husband Tim, turns up unannounced, asking about a story on which Tim reported 35 years ago – the murder of an old soldier. Esme, wary of Max's motives, declines to get involved.

Meanwhile, Esme’s friend Ruth, prompted by WW2 anniversaries, wants to solve the mystery of  Vivienne, her mother Bea's sister, a wartime nurse who never came home. Despite Bea’s disapproval, Ruth is convinced the truth will finally help Bea come to terms with her loss and asks Esme to investigate.Esme unpicks the threads of Vivienne's past and stumbles upon a disturbing connection, linking the old soldier’s murder to her own distressing past and her late husband's fate.

As events unravel, Esme realises that to uncover the secrets behind Vivienne’s story, she must also confront the terrifying truth behind her own.

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